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 ' Today's youth, and how to inspire them '

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PostSubject: ' Today's youth, and how to inspire them '   Thu 22 Oct 2009, 12:11 pm

Today's youth, and how to inspire them
by Jackson Ross

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Today's youth are one of the most enigmatic figures in history. Now, with the development of such technologies as high-tech video gaming systems and cellular phones, kids are becoming more and more displaced from society with each passing upgrade. Inspiring them isn't a matter of making a great speech or an eloquent lecture anymore. It's about bringing yourself down to their level of understanding. The wants of today's youth isn't usually the wants of their parents. Ideally, a guardian could inspire a youth by utilizing such tools as the video games and cell phones that has alienated children in the first place. The world has descended so far into a state of living with technology that it would be nigh impossible to inspire a child to do great things without it. Accordingly, one must now use the devices themselves to their advantage. To inspire today's youth, one must not show them how to achieve success without technology but to show them how to be an accomplished citizen by using such technology. Cellular phones and video games and internet access are not pointless roadblocks that hinder the pathway to success, but stepping stones that may be used as a ladder to a more fruitful, productive lifestyle. It would not be inspiring to a youth to have an adult demonstrate a device's futility. Youth would be greater inspired from a demonstration as to how seemingly distracting entertainment systems may be used as mechanisms for success, leading to a potential job, or even a future career.

Today's youth have already built up a dependency towards entertainment. Coincidentally, to attempt to break down this dependency to make way for orthodox strategies for inspiring a minor (such as inducing community service, conventional jobs, or convincing a pursuit of college) would ultimately have a lesser effect in your effort to inspire them. However, if one uses a strategy that is outlined around a pre-existing hobby or pasttime, the level of inspiration would be exponentially more effective for them.

Inspiring today's youth is not a matter of attempting to diminish their entertainment to pave the way for a more "efficient" lifestyle but to teach them how to build that efficient lifestyle on an activity that already gives them joy. It would not make much of a difference to a youth if you tell them that spending their time locked into an activity is hindering their ability to make something out of their lives. But, if one can find a way to inspire pathways to a productive future using once-meaningless forms of entertainment, then not only do you receive a considerable level of admiration but you get an opportunity for the youth to establish a form of not only entertainment, but work, as a result.
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' Today's youth, and how to inspire them '
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