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 RJ’s Natural Raspberry Soft Eating Licorice Log

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PostSubject: RJ’s Natural Raspberry Soft Eating Licorice Log   Sun 10 May 2009, 12:09 pm

RJ’s Natural Raspberry Soft Eating Licorice Log

Review written on the 30th of May, 2008

Smile Ooooh, these are so delicious !

They look and smell really nice, with a pleasant translucent natural-looking pink colour and a gentle raspberry fragrance.

The licorice is really wonderful, with a nice consistency (delightfully chewy) , but really nice as well when you bite off a piece and sit around sucking it for a while.

Ive been trying tro find those big bags with long pieces of this licorice (as shown in the picture) but I need to look harder online to see whether i can find a supplier for them.

The flavour really doesn't have a licorice strain at all - and I think that's nice Smile it's really good the way it is, being a sweet raspberry treat.

Very Happy As an added bonus they're pretty healthy for sweets, having under 1/2 Gm of fat and over 3 Gms of protein per bar, and a modest 138 calories.

It's all good !

And as an added bonus, anyone in the UK can order them via Goodness Direct - I found that out just last night, so I've ordered ten ! haha !

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RJ’s Natural Raspberry Soft Eating Licorice Log
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