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 "It's me or the dog"

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PostSubject: "It's me or the dog"   Thu 05 Nov 2009, 2:02 pm

Smile "It's me or the dog".

Quote :
Dog behaviour expert Victoria Stilwell calls upon all her canine training skills to bring the country's most mischievous mutts and headstrong hounds to heel.

Has anybody else seen this show ?
There are both UK and American versions.

I gather that she also has written books on the subject -

Quote :
About the Author
Victoria Stilwell began her career in the theatre but in 1990 switched over to found a dog training company in London. In 1999 she moved to New York, where she set up her own training school. She is a certified animal behaviourist and trainer, lectures widely, and is an advisor for a number of rescue organisations.

I find the whole concept of animal psychology, and positive pro-active behavioural training based on this approach, very interesting.

Another interesting show along similar lines is The Dog Whisperer, although my TeeVee informs me that he's about to migrate exclusively over to a non-Freeview channel, where I can't see his shows any more.
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"It's me or the dog"
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