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 'Weasel and Civet cat'-processed coffee (O.o) !

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PostSubject: 'Weasel and Civet cat'-processed coffee (O.o) !   Sat 21 Nov 2009, 9:15 pm

Apparently, this stuff is very chic right now....

Weasel Coffee -

Quote :
Weasel coffee has been eaten and regurgitated by rare Vietnamese weasels! Honestly! As you can imagine, the weasels' gastric goings-on radically alter the taste of the coffee and the result is a stronger, smoother, heady flavoured coffee that will appeal to serious connoisseurs of the mighty bean. Once 'evacuated' by the bean-loving fur balls, the coffee is collected by eagle-eyed villagers, who then market the stuff directly to the manufacturers.

Civet Cat coffee -

Quote :
Only about 500 kilos of this blend is collected per year, making it the ultimate in exclusivity and rarity. And when we tell you where the beans have, er, been, you'll understand why. You see the primary reason for Civet Coffee's distinctive taste is that it's been partially fermented by passing through the digestive system of a Sumatran Civet Cat. No, really!
Basically this feral feline prowls Sumatran coffee plantations at night, choosing to eat only the finest, ripest cherries. The stones (which eventually form coffee beans) are then collected by sifting through the Civet's number twos.
Revered for its luscious chocolatey flavour Civet Coffee is totally safe, totally sterilised and totally delicious.

silent Me... ? I'll.... er.... pass on the coffee, thanks.

Seriously, though.... who drinks this stuff ?

... and more to the point, is it vegan ?
If the animals do this voluntarily, with the crappy coffee / coffee upchuck collected in a non-invasive and sustainable manner by locals, then would there be any ethical or moral objections from the vegan movement, regarding the consumption of this no-doubt very trendy and "cool" beverage ?
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'Weasel and Civet cat'-processed coffee (O.o) !
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