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 Reason Works : Free-thought audio books

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PostSubject: Reason Works : Free-thought audio books   Tue 15 Dec 2009, 5:19 am

Reason Works : Audio-books for Free Thinkers

Smile I've just encountered this website -

It contains a number of audio books which have been written by the same author (Mike Earl) , on assorted subjects relating to free thought, and the validity and necessity for independent thinking.

His books / podcasts are -
(1) Free Thought
(2) Bible Stories Your Parents Never Taught You
(3) The Spiritual Atheist
(4) The Ultimate Terrorist

The books on the website can be downloaded as modestly-sized MP3s for free, or they can also be bought from Mike Earl as audio-CDs.
They're very reasonably priced, and I think I shall get some if the postage isn't too high (he's in America, and I'm in the UK). I think that this is a good, unique little business idea which he has set up there, and he's put a lot of effort into doing it well. From what I've heard so far he's a good writer, with interesting things to say, and that's something I'm happy to support.

I've just recently heard the first Free Thought episode, which I found insightful and enjoyable.
And, I've also listened to the first 2 pieces of Bible Stories (the 2 chunks relating to the Old Testament). Ha.... he makes a lot of good points.
My mother and I have assorted discussions like this.

Between when I was aged 7-14, my mother took a notion to join a crazy cult of bonkers lunatic-fringe christian fundamentalists. As such, a large chunk of my morality and upbringing was done by those ninnies (with my great protest !) rather than herself.... so convenient !
In the end, she conceded that they are indeed a lunatic cult..... and ever since she's not been christian, and much discussion has as-such ensued about what a freaky book the christian Bible is anyway....

I might never have noticed the bible if I'd been left to grow up like a half-normal person, but now I have all sorts of views about it.
So I figure that hell, if those loonies are so keen to indoctrinate somebody who is far too clever to fall for their bullshit (OMG I swore ! LOL Wink ) ... then surely surely must ALSO be pretty keen for me to hit adulthood and go about remarking about what a pillock the emperor looks with his arse on show.
What did they honestly think would happen ?

Anyway Smile If these shows sound interesting, then check 'em out... the ones I've heard are good quality, the content was well-considered and constructively put-together, and the whole thing seems well-produced.
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Reason Works : Free-thought audio books
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