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 RJ’s Orange Licorice Dark Choc Log

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PostSubject: RJ’s Orange Licorice Dark Choc Log   Sun 10 May 2009, 12:34 pm

RJ’s Orange Licorice Dark Choc Log

Review written on the 1st of June, 2008

This product is incredibly good, but they were only on sale once here (for an extortionately high fee) and have never been seen again. Smile The hunt is now on for a UK online seller !

There's a delicious and slightly milky-tasting inner cylinder of dark chocolate, surrounded by a delicious chewy orange-flavoured licorice-themed substance.

Both the flavour and taste of the "licorice" are wonderful, with a gentle and pleasant aroma and flavour... and the appearance is sort of gently orange, in a slightly translucent sort of way, so it's all very appealing I think.

I found that this log lasted for ages as well, because I would bite off a chunk then could sit with it in my mouth for a while, licking out the chocolate middle and enjoying the orangey goodness.

I really liked both components, the chocolate and the orange outer loveliness, and I feel that they complimented each other very well indeed.

(^-^) It's all good !
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RJ’s Orange Licorice Dark Choc Log
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