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 Well hey there, Pinocchio - who ya' following ?

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PostSubject: Well hey there, Pinocchio - who ya' following ?   Wed 16 Dec 2009, 12:25 pm

For a good demonstration of the subsceptible dishonesty disorder which I consider to be prevalent among many conformists, please check out these two video clips from ABCNews's rather excellent show, "What would YOU do ?"

ProPelage : For a little fame and fortune, and the thrill of mindlessly obeying an authority figure in increasing stages... would you be prepared to lie shamelessly on an infomercial ?

Lots of people would tell astonishing whoppers, apparently !
Just check it out... I was surprised !


... and just lookit the well-conditioned conformist sheeple do their thing.
So devoted ! ProPeLage Power, my arse.
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Well hey there, Pinocchio - who ya' following ?
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