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 Martha Speaks ! - OMGholycrapLOLetc

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PostSubject: Martha Speaks ! - OMGholycrapLOLetc   Wed 16 Dec 2009, 12:52 pm

I've just recently discovered a hidden gem of the Children's TeeVee UK-Freeview programming schedule.

On account of me being not very well, and also having just got myself one of those sexy Lumie SAD-lamp desk-lights, I recently went through a phase of being awake and asleep at all sorts of times... with the ultimate outcome that I had the unusual experience of being both awake and in a TV-watching mood at 7am (which I never usually do) , which was when I took a notion to randomly start watching Martha Speaks ! (since it was on after Pingu, and I was watching Pingu anyway Very Happy haha )

Martha Speaks ! was only kept on the programming schedule for a short flicker of time after I first saw it, so it's astonishingly good luck that I managed to catch it at all (it's now been replaced by ("Show us your fangs") "Mona the Vampire" - which is not a bad show, but it lacks the zing of "Martha Speaks!" for me.

Very Happy For a taster, just check out the theme song -

Ha, it's nuts !
I love it !

Also, it's highly educational... bonus !
I had no idea that dogs could have those kinds of issues with their anatomy, before watching the edutainment clip shown above... but you learn something new every day, hey ?

Hey Joe, whaddaya know ?
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Martha Speaks ! - OMGholycrapLOLetc
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