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 My fun-filled new radio-controlled mini-helicopter

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PostSubject: My fun-filled new radio-controlled mini-helicopter   Sun 27 Dec 2009, 9:43 pm

Smile I've been having great fun lately, playing with my lovely new radio-controlled helicopter. Because it's so tiny, it was surprisingly cheap... so it's proving to be astonishingly good value-for-money, as well.

I really like the detail (it's like a high-tech Airfix kit - which flies !) , and the propellors seem especially snazzy.

It spins a lot on take-off, but once airborne it flies to a satisfyingly obedient extent.

Because it's so tiny, it's not too unreasonable for battery-charge either. It takes 6 x AA batteries - but they last for quite a while, and using rechaargeable ones is fine.

It has a good up/down lever, and another for forward/backward tilt, and left/right spin... with a little knob in the middle to help it right itself, if it begins to spin around too much mid-flight.

It has a lovely blue cockpit light with a flashlight built into the front (so detailed !), with capacitors and stuff in there which are arranged to look a bit like a little person in there.

Smile Because it often gives a bit of a bumpy ride (the heater seems to bother it with heat waves for comedy effect, for example) , over the last few days I've ESPECIALLY enjoyed pretending that the pilot is somebody who I have been especially maltreated by.

Then, I can fly the helicopter about the room in a humorously jerky, spinning-around, up-and-down, rollercoaster-ride sort of manner.... while imitating their response, as they fail to enjoy the ride which i have kindly provided for them.

Smile Usually it costs a fortune for one of those "fly a helicopter" experiences, but with just a puff of my magic dust i can both magic them here (especially enjoyable if it gets them out of bed at 4am just to fly my helicopter !) , and also reduce them in size to fit into the cockpit.

This is the real version of the AH-64 -

And, this is a picture of my snazzy model -

Smile It's so small that it's like some kind of overgrown personal insect, hovering about the place. And certainly, a lot of fun ! It's astonishingly high-technology, and I'm just really impressed that somebody even makes these things.
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My fun-filled new radio-controlled mini-helicopter
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