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 Who would Jesus smite ?

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PostSubject: Who would Jesus smite ?   Tue 29 Dec 2009, 1:52 am

"He that is not with me is against me"

Quote : Jesus (Matthew 12:30)

So let me get this straight, now....

... If he is against you, then when you die his big tough daddy will get you alone, strip you naked, then scare you shitless before throwing you into a big lake of fire - where, according to the indubitably trustworthy book of Revelations, the smoke produced from your eternally relentless smouldering torment will filter upwards like some kind of godly incense-pyre.

... but if you devote your entire life to kissing their arses and sniveling about thinking you're a scummy sinning little inferior shitbag, while doing whatever this crazy family tell you to do..... then JOY OF JOYS.... after death, you get to hang out with them. At their place. Doing what they want. With the other good little sheep. And be Jesus' and God's pal. Whee.

Call me wacky if you want, but doesn't that just sound like one big sad-ass theistic hazing ritual ... ?
They sound downright chavvy to me, if that's how they go about making friends and influencing people.
(O.o) Would you actually WANT to be in their gang ?

^God !?
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Who would Jesus smite ?
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