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 Somebody Goofed. (smirk) No Shit, Sherlock, but it sure wasn't me...

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PostSubject: Somebody Goofed. (smirk) No Shit, Sherlock, but it sure wasn't me...   Tue 29 Dec 2009, 4:42 pm

"Somebody Goofed"

This Chick Tract is absolutely ridiculous !

Check it out -

Chick Tract - "Somebody Goofed"

This is the whole thing, available from the official (smirk) Chick Tracts website -

I first read this when I was 10 or 11, when my brother got this particular booklet from a grownup friend. My (4-years-older, but thick as bricks) brother took it totally seriously, then came stomping home and started trying to heckle and harass me with it.
So, in response I made a big display of treating it as light entertainment (my dad and brother collected a load of comics, anyway, which made that very easy…) … because my response to it is pretty much identical to my response nowadays … the only real difference being that I have a few more references for reading now.
For example, I’ve heard a number of those old “Reefer Madness” radio-shows - which I found similarly entertaining, along with some of Dragnet, and a number of Whisperer stories.

But yeah…. Personally, I think it’s very strange that anybody would read this Chick Tract and not just laugh their arse off with bemusement at how bizarre it is… but instead would choose to be all worried and scared, all believing it and stuff ?!
Then badger others to be just as oddly anxious as they are !?
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Somebody Goofed. (smirk) No Shit, Sherlock, but it sure wasn't me...
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