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 Wholebake Pistachio Flapjack

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PostSubject: Wholebake Pistachio Flapjack   Sun 10 May 2009, 12:36 pm

Wholebake Pistachio Flapjack

Review written on the 1st of June, 2008

The Wholebake Pistachio Flapjacks are really delicious, I think.

They really are wonderfully moist and devourable, with a surprisingly cheap price to tempt you into unrestrained enjoyment. At only 55p for the 100 gram bar which I happily ate, I think they're very cheap indeed.

I thought it was unusual to see a pistachio flapjack, but I love light flapjacks and also pistachios Smile so it seemed like an interesting combination to try out.

There were nice big chunks of pistachio in the flapjack (ie, rather than them just being blended in so less noticeable) so you can mix 'n' match them with the flapjack for variety, as you wish Smile and the smell is just what you might expect from a juicy, sweet flapjack - mmmmm, mmmmm (^-^)

There are various other flapjacks in the Wholebake selection, and if this pistachio flapjack is any indication of taste and quality, then there could be a few more treats in the mix which I haven't tried yet.

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Wholebake Pistachio Flapjack
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