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 Doves Farm organic 'Chocolate and crispy rice bar'

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PostSubject: Doves Farm organic 'Chocolate and crispy rice bar'   Sun 10 May 2009, 12:38 pm

Doves Farm organic 'Chocolate and crispy rice bar'

Review written on the 1st of June, 2008

I'm very happy indeed with this product, I'm going to try and buy a whole load of them online because they've only been seen here in a shop here once before, and they're really good I reckon.

They come in boxes of five Wink but I reckon that a box-load is unlikely to last long for many people.

Basically, there's a puffed rice base which is all chewy and yummy, and chocolated-up, and on top is a yummy nice less-chocolatey overall top part, which also has chooclate chips in - for pure chocolate indulgence at it's best !

These would be great in packed lunch boxes (although maybe just one for kids, if even that Wink because of all of the sugar !) , or would be great as a convenient portable snack on the go....

I found them to be really nice and pudding-y without being too heavy, or dissatisfyingly light.... and I really enjoyed the two-halves thing, it makes this product very interesting.

Doves Farm official website - flapjack & bars range
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Doves Farm organic 'Chocolate and crispy rice bar'
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