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 BioFAIR Organic Fair-trade Dark-chocolate rice-cakes

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PostSubject: BioFAIR Organic Fair-trade Dark-chocolate rice-cakes   Sun 10 May 2009, 12:41 pm

BioFAIR Organic Fair-trade Dark-chocolate rice-cakes

Review written on the 1st of June, 2008

Smile Each pack of BioFAIR dark chocolate rice cakes contains 3 of the titular rice-cakes, complete with a decadent covering of gorgeously yummy dark chocolate.... making them very good as a light and not-too-unhealthy snack for putting into an assortment of lunch-packs (ie for work or school, or for taking on a picnic, or on a walk if space isn't a big concern)

I think it's really nice to see this kind of product available as an organic fairly-traded treat, and I think it would appeal to a lot of people who're not fond of heavily sweetened things, while still being nice for many people who like sweet things.

Product information via Windmill organics
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BioFAIR Organic Fair-trade Dark-chocolate rice-cakes
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