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 Taifun demeter Tofu-Filets, with wild garlic

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PostSubject: Taifun demeter Tofu-Filets, with wild garlic   Sun 10 May 2009, 12:46 pm

Taifun demeter Tofu-Filets, with wild garlic

Written on the 4th of June, 2009

If these things are any indication, then 'filets' appear to be effectively delicious but tragically expensive flat little burgers.

With what I'd call a really nice, strong and flavourful 'umami' flavour which is really quite inventive for tofu (especially organic tofu) I could eat many of these if, for example, I won lots in a competition or something Very Happy

The packet suggests that we might want to try frying them, and says that they are 'delicous to noodles' (sic.) , potatoes and vegetables ... well Smile I didn't get as far as the noodles and vegetables with my filets, and can't remember whether I tried frying them or not, but I'd easily believe them - I reckon the filets would be pretty versatile.

They really are tasty , I reckon, but at nearly £2 for 2 silly little burgers they'll be too pricey for many people to keep getting (^-~) including me.
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Taifun demeter Tofu-Filets, with wild garlic
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