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 Clearspot tofu & sesame seed burger

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PostSubject: Clearspot tofu & sesame seed burger   Sun 10 May 2009, 12:47 pm

Clearspot tofu & sesame seed burger

Written on the 2nd of June, 2008

This pack of two tofu burgers rather formally describes itself as being "the complete and versatile vegetable protein food" on the front of it's cheerfully yellow label, and to some extent it's true I think Smile although, be warned - I think a lot of non-vegans might disagree with me !

I haven't tried these cold, although the packaging assures me that the burgers are good either hot or cold, they're nice hot though.

(^-^) the ingredients are organically certified and so forth, so each burger is basically a nice healthy slab of tastily-flavoured burger-esque tofu - which I think goes well with salad in a roll, for example, or can accompany curry or vegetables etc.

The reason I think that maybe some non-vegans which balk at it, is simply that it makes no pretence at being anythign other than a huge chunk of tofu, and some people have bias against tofu just by definition. I really like the straight-forward approach to being a burger though, and a nice wholesome variation to the vegetable burger for the vegan organic burger scene.

Smile I think these are nice, versatile, and I'd recommend them to anyone who likes a good bit of tofu.
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Clearspot tofu & sesame seed burger
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