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 Doves Farm Organic 'Chocolate Stars' cereal / snack

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PostSubject: Doves Farm Organic 'Chocolate Stars' cereal / snack   Sun 10 May 2009, 12:51 pm

Doves Farm Organic 'Chocolate Stars' cereal / snack

Written on the 2nd of June, 2008

These bizarre "Chocolate stars" are surprisingly good !

I don't like Coco-Pops, or most of those other ludicrously sickly 'cereals' which are around nowadays... but i was lured into trying these because of their organic good-repute (and also, there was a bashed box of 'em reduced in the local supermarket which i bought cheaply Very Happy)

I think these are really excellent compared to the chemical-flavoured 'chocolate' competitors, and I think that a lot of kids would absolutely love them !

Smile I found them to be really sweet when used as a cereal, but (like many people) found them nice when eaten dry as a snack, and I REALLY like them mixed in half-and-half with Puffed Rice (aka. 'Rice Crispies (tm)' ) , it makes a wonderful pudding-y kind of cereal treat.

They're surprisingly filling too, even when mixed in with puffed rice, and of course MUCH less unwholesome than anything else chocolate-y and cerealish , which is around.

That supermarket has now closed, eaten by the ubiquitous Tescos (^-^); so... that was probably the last box on sale here ! But, i can try ordering some online if i get desperate. Wink

I think that a lot of people might like these, young and old, and since they're so sweet I found that they lasted a while... with maybe a handful eaten dry at once , or it mixed with puffed rice, it really was great value for money , I thought Smile I'd certainly reccommend them - especially to any sickly-chocolatey-cereal connoisseurs !

Doves Farm official website - cereals range
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Doves Farm Organic 'Chocolate Stars' cereal / snack
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