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 A different kind of revolution

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PostSubject: A different kind of revolution   Wed 13 May 2009, 9:36 am

I want a revolution that greatly reduces the fear, indifference, isolation... and ultimately quite a few others things of modern society.

I want to figure out a revolution that instead of needing a huge number of people to wrestle control away from the ruling class happens person by person and has to an extent truly happened with just any two such people agreeing for it to happen.

It amounts to suggesting that people just be nicer to one another. Be more open to the possibilities of one another. Be more honest and compassionate.

The problem is that if people do this, they'll get taken advantage of.

So I'm trying to figure out a way that people can be more honest, more compassionate, more open to the potential for good in one another, without leaving themselves wide open to being taken advantage of.

For example, there are homeless people living in my town. What should I do? Should I give them my money. Should I invite them to all sleep in my house?

Or, should I hide all the unhappiness in my life from others and should they do the same in return? If instead we admit what basically are our weaknesses, we're revealing what amount to flaws in our armor. We're telling predatory people exactly how to attack us.

People hide their problems though not just because of potential predators but also simply out of consideration. Where it's understood the other person can't really do much of anything to help anyway (our society is structured so that they can't really) we're all on our own except for a spouse, some relatives.... maybe an additional friend or two.

We are living the correct way in view of how society is structured. There will be no majority decision to change the way society is structured. The only way for change to happen is for people to simply interact in an illogical way (with reference to how society is actually structured.....)

It is illogical to have any meaningful amount of compassion (to the extent that you actually get off your hind end and do something) for anyone outside of your relatively small circle of associates. (Relatives, spouse.... maybe a few others.) Illogical in that if people really rountinely did act with compassion they would actually get taken advantage of. If you really did go out of your way to help all the isolated desperately unhappy people. All the extremely poor, etc. What would happen?

If, quite simply, we weren't so damm isolated. We'd more often beat the crap and kill each other. Ultimately, I don't want to be associated with my lawn nazis neighbor. I don't want to associate with the people cattycorner who's dog mauled the young girl and who every year get a cat and then decide they don't want and leave it to the elements.......

But as I said above: I'm trying to figure out a way that people can be more honest, more compassionate, more open to the potential for good in one another, without leaving themselves wide open to being taken advantage of.

And this is the problem I guess. Everyone I don't know is potentially severely flawed. Like child abusing, alcoholics, liars, and worse flawed. How open do I (and everyone else) want to be to such people. And again, just people who are even potentially such things.

But by staying instead how we are, we're stuck as a society.

To be continued.

I'm sorry this is hardly well thought out. But I keep on trying to get a handle on it. And never getting anywhere. So, sorry it's ramblilng. Wanted to at least put down a direction I've been attempting to think in for a couple years now.
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A different kind of revolution
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