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 Social prejudice, in the style of crabs

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PostSubject: Social prejudice, in the style of crabs   Sun 10 May 2009, 10:29 am

Do you know, that when crabs are caught in a net.... most will seethe and writhe in the pit of the masses, fighting and churning in their live throng, trying to clip through the rope to get free.

Once in a while, ever so rarely, one crab will start thinking "WTF ? seething and writheing is getting us nowhere, let's do this in a systematic manner eh ?" , and will climb up the ropes and over the heads of the crowd... there might be a little gap at the top from time to time, and very rarely one crab will bravely reach the gap and start to slip through.

... and the other crabs, do those guys say "hey check it out... old crabby is actually quite clever after all, we always assumed he was retarded due to being different, but what to you know... closet genius all along !"

Hell no, those bastards get all worked up about the other crab behaving in an unexpected manner and trying to do something different from the rest of them.... and will climb up the net, not to follow to their freedom... but to try and snap and grab at the legs of the trail-blazer to rip them down into the fray..... where their 'comrades of species' tear them apart.....

I can only assume, that this happens to prevent 'potentially dangerous radical deviation from normality' from infecting the others who might witness it and get... ideas.....

... but there you go. Who does that approach really help, eh ?

... and even if the 'smart crabs' understand the situation, the bull crabs are still there standing in their way ... intelligence can't move a brick wall.

Once in a while they do manage to get free though, even if they have to fight the other bastards every step of the way.... Smile hopefully after getting out, they go off and teach their cool 'net escape technique' to every wide-eyed young crab they come across forevermore.
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PostSubject: Re: Social prejudice, in the style of crabs   Fri 15 May 2009, 12:20 pm

Very apt! Reminds me of junior high school. Ugh.
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Social prejudice, in the style of crabs
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