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 The Goode Family (family of vegans)

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PostSubject: The Goode Family (family of vegans)   Fri 05 Jun 2009, 3:17 pm

Altschuler made it clear that the statement of the show was "not that 'environmentalism is bulls**t.' It's that there's no perspective." He noted that things were simpler years ago, saying when you picked up the trash, "The owl was happy and the Indians stopped crying." Added Judge, "The whole family, we're showing them as good people. It's just funny to see them try so hard in a world where the rules are changing."

This is a new primetime show here in the US about a family of vegans. Part of me is afraid to watch it for the negative stereotypes it might help support. But Mike Judge is a more complex guy than that. He made the movies Office Space and Idiocracy which were both good. So it may be a pretty decent show. Possibly with some worthwhile examination of far left activism.

I could point out that generally speaking activist causes don't really point a critical eye at themselves much, as they're too worried about criticisms coming at them to begin with from the mainstream and thus trying to prove how "normal" and perfect, etc they are. So this might actually be a worthwhile show for a more indepth examination of such negatives than most activists will even admit actually exists.

I know Firebird has talked about how tough it was growing up a vegetarian surrounded by rightwing livestock farmers. Being vegan can potentially mean feeling isolated and alienated. Not to mention feeling like you're constantly having to make a positive representation of veganism. And some people dislike you just for being vegan, etc.
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The Goode Family (family of vegans)
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