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 A. Vogel 3-Tier Sprouting Germination Greenhouse

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PostSubject: A. Vogel 3-Tier Sprouting Germination Greenhouse   Wed 17 Jun 2009, 4:42 pm

A. Vogel / 3-Tier Sprouting Germination Greenhouse

I got one of these a couple of months ago, and it's really good !

The germinator has 3 independent tiers, a fully functional irrigation system to keep sprouts nice and fresh, and a range of different organic seed packs are available to buy from the A. Vogel online store.

I got a pack of each different kind when i got my germinator, and they're lasting for a long time.
For a fresh daily crop of minimal-effort organic salad, it's turning out to be pretty good value for money, even though the organic seeds initially seemed to be very expensive.

I'll be using this plenty in the future, and it's not got a design that will wear out any time this decade.... so I'll get a lot of good usage out of it in the years to come, I reckon.

Before, I was having to fart about with tights stretched over jam-jars and attached with rubber bands, when growing sprouts.... Which was extremely cheap, but awkward and more laborious.

(^-^) It's nice to have the luxury option nowadays, though... and the 3 tiers are so spacious for sprouting.
So, it's easy to have 3 different kinds of sprout on the go at once and be harvesting a generous quantity of each as you go along.

Product URL -

Guide to the 10 varieties of Biosnacky sproutable seeds -
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A. Vogel 3-Tier Sprouting Germination Greenhouse
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