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 First Cut : Health Food Junkies

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PostSubject: First Cut : Health Food Junkies   Sun 21 Jun 2009, 8:34 am

A couple of days ago, Channel 4 ran a one-shot programme called "First Cut : Health Food Junkies".
The programme ostentatiously claims to be about "Raw foodists", but I found it to be more than just a little bit prejudiced.


Health Food Junkies

The Raw Food Diet is said to be the most extreme diet in Britain - its followers will not eat anything that has been heated to 45 degrees Celsius as they believe it destroys the foods' essential enzymes and nutrients. This programme investigates and asks whether there is anything to it.

We're told that fresh food and plenty of vegetables will keep us healthy but can we have too much of a good thing?

Our relationship with food is changing. For some food is no longer simply something to eat, but a fixation that can take over their lives.

"First Cut: Health Food Junkies" meets some devoted health food worshippers. They are a growing community of men and women who believe theirs is the healthiest diet on the planet.

Calling themselves 'Raw Foodists' they don't eat wheat, dairy, sugar, meat or fish, and most importantly, everything they do eat is completely raw, because they believe heating anything above 45 °C destroys the food's essential enzymes and nutrients. Some also adhere to a strict daily regimen of urine-drinking and enemas.

It's probably the most extreme diet in Britain, but how credible are claims that it can make you healthier, happier and even to stop you getting old? Just when does a fixation with healthy eating turn into an unhealthy habit?

Source :

Here's the full episode, Youtubed (approx 25 mins long) -

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First Cut : Health Food Junkies
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