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 My life as an animal

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PostSubject: My life as an animal   Sun 21 Jun 2009, 12:15 pm

"My life as an Animal"

"Series in which two brave individuals volunteer to experience life as an animal for four very long days"
~BBC Blurb~

(^-^) This series is only connected to veganism in a vague sort of way, but it's educational regarding the animals involved, and downright unusual to say the least.

This strange series has 5 episodes, in total :

(1) Living with a whole load of pigs

(2) Living with horses - one person with wild horses, the other with domesticated ones.

(3) Living with dogs : one person with sheepdogs, the other with greyhounds....

(4) Living at the Sealife Centre... with one person living with a bunch of seals, and the other hanging out with the little guys over in the penguin enclosure....

(5) Then a "grand finale" episode, in which the whole series was summed up briefly in highlights, with the folks involved commenting on their thoughts on the show, how they feel about doing the show (and since doing it), etc.


For more information -

(1) BBC3 Website : My life as an animal (pigs)

(2) BBC3 Website : My life as an animal (horses)

(3) BBC3 Website : My life as an animal (dogs)

(4) BBC3 Website : My life as an animal (Seals and penguins)

(5) BBC3 Website : My life as an animal (finale)

The dog on the right, says :
"Whoooo ! I love being a dog !"
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My life as an animal
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