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 Sosmix has been discontinued !

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PostSubject: Sosmix has been discontinued !   Sun 21 Jun 2009, 5:05 pm

Sosmix has been discontinued !

Oh my gosh !

I hadn;t seen any Sosmix around for a long time, and have been quite hankering for some. Living on and island animal-farming community, it's not like stocks of this sort of thing are frequent in any shops here.... So I had just assumed that with a little patience, Sosmix delights would once again be mine.

But.... my patience having worn a little thin, I've now gone off for an online hunt for this hydrateable sausage snack... however, to my dismay, just look what I found.....

I gather that Symington's have bought up Direct Foods, who are the compay that previously produced Sosmix.

For reasons which seem unclear, they have chosen to discontinue Sosmix and replace it with some crappy vegetarian sausage nonsense,

I've even found this random online petition, in favour of bringing back the Sosmix which vegans have grown to know and love -

These are the replacement sausages, which have been released under the reformatted Granose brand -

As we can see, the cow's milk comes in as a "natural flavouring", but c'mon now.... that's just completely unnecessary. It's certainly not like the sausages tasted bad or anything before, they were very tasty !
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Sosmix has been discontinued !
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