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 Yaoh Raw Food Bars - discontinued !

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PostSubject: Yaoh Raw Food Bars - discontinued !   Sun 21 Jun 2009, 5:44 pm

Yaoh Raw Food Bars - discontinued !

Shocked It's all true....

They're sold out / discontinued , all over the place.

For example -

They guys who claim to still have it in stock seem to have this or that wrong with their websites, so I'm doubtful of their claims.

For example -

Everything seems to work just fine... until checkout payment time.
At that point, the website / Paypal confesses that the merchant's Paypal account is a bit sketchy, so it can't proceed... mucho dissapointmento !

Fortunately, for me at least, the blow is softened considerably by the fact that Lara Bar production still seems to be in swing, in full force -

The Lara Bar range is a lot larger than the Yaoh selection, and I've found them to be quite inspirational.

Smile A few months ago, having just tried the whole Lara Bar range, and feeling quite motivated by the whole experience, I felt moved to make a batch of my own raw bars with a banana and coconut theme.

They were really tasty !
Smile I'll definitely be making more raw bars sometime soon, I reckon.
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Yaoh Raw Food Bars - discontinued !
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