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 'Rich Girl, Poor Girl' (C4 Now)

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PostSubject: 'Rich Girl, Poor Girl' (C4 Now)   Fri 26 Jun 2009, 10:52 am

Rich Girl, Poor Girl (C4 Now / UK)

In November last year, C4 Now ran a one-off TV Show called "Rich Girl, Poor Girl" , which has since then generated a considerable amount of viewer interest and discussion.

It's set in London, which is surrounded by a Green Belt.
Built primarily for environmental reasons, a Green Belt consists of a decent-sized strip of land, which would be left "unprocessed" around a town or city, in order to prevent overspill onto the surrounding country-side.

It's just occured to me though, that oen of the effects of having a Green Belt around a capital city, is that it can promote a nasty enhanced 'ghetto' effect.
With nobody able to expand cheap housing out into the suburbs very far, however much money they have, a resultant overall goldfish-bowl effect had emerged as the living environment for many inhabitants of London.

The government has tried to discourage the 'ghetto spread' by locating a number of 'poor' areas right next to 'rich' ones...

But the emergent social effect is not overall entirely pretty.

In "Rich Girl, Poor Girl" two girls who live next door to each other, but who are from vasty different walks of life, get together to hang out and try to understand where each other are coming from.

One lives in a super-posh bubble of indulgence.... big house, nobby parents, private schooling, trendy clothes, all mod cons, all kinds of stuff done for her, etc.

The other one lives more like what I'd consider a normal existence... although I'm from the bum-end of society, and so have had a shit socio-economic status for my entire life, so my idea of normal won't be the same as - for example - someone with a middle-class upbringing.

She had to care for a totally lethargic-seeming mother, who seemed to take little if any responsibility for anything, even her children....

Which to me seems pretty normal, frankly.

Well, I can't manage to find a reference to the "Rich Girl, Poor Girl" programme on Channel 4's website, or any clips of it on Youtube (not to say they definitely aren;t there, just... I couldn't find them Razz)

However, there are plenty of words doing the rounds, likesay.
Here's a small selection, to give a flavour of what it's all about -

This is an annoyed, while quite descriptive and informative, Youtube clip about the show -

Gumtree Forum topic about the show (2 pages) -

House Price Crash forum topic about the show (5 pages) -

"The AGA Saga Woman / Youtube Clip" (mentioned in the above topic) -
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PostSubject: The Rich, and The Poor - Part one of two   Fri 26 Jun 2009, 11:00 am

The Rich and The Poor

I had to care for my crazy family, in a place so unhygenic that i caught Tuberculosis by the age of 5.

This is a snobby middle class society of animal farmers and hunters etc.

I was compulsarily raised a militant vegetarian, even though it's a crap idea. I was told simply that I was vegetarian because "everyone else is stupid, and who wants to be like them" ... then tormented by my insane brother if caught eating anything with a non-vegetarian E-number or something in it.

We were fed all the Dairy Board propaganda at school like education, and my mum made a big deal out of the vegetarian meals being half price.... you know, since you only effectively get half a meal (a normal sized meal but without the meat, which usually people got lots of) ... so it seemed like we also "needed" whatever mystical stuff was in dairy products, and couldn;t afford to eat meat anyway.
My brother and I were sent to a non-uniform school in scruffy, nasty, ancient, often holes-in clothing which was vastly degrading. ... especially for me, since I had to wear a lot of the ugly shit he went about in 4 years before me.... and HE was bullied for wearing it THEN, so what selfish idiot mother would try to save a few quid down the charity shop by instead of buying "new clothes" from there, instead just making ME wear his ugly-arse hand-me-downs LATER ON ? Seriously !

I was abused heavily for 5 years in primary school by 2 mean bitches who barely pass as teachers IMHO, seemingly for being poor and vegetarian. Neither of which were my fault.
I was often violently beaten inside the school shelters by gangs of thugs, but even then wouldn't be let inside over break-time.

My mum and dad were mean arses, and were far too selfish to ever move because they deliberately chose to live in as isolated a place as possible, without having to move to one of the tiny outer islands.

I'd return home and have to "look after" my idiot brother for hours before my abusive dad got home, (and vice-versa, although often he woudl just beat me up and insult me, while claiming to be doing me a huge favour by "Teaching me self-defence".) Then, it could be hours before my mum got home.... who would often just shovel down a meal then go out, or to bed, or make us shut up while she watched a depressing programme (something about someone becoming crippled, or dying of Cancer, or having MS, usually....) , or set up an impenetrable fortress of books around the living room desk and make us go away or shut up, while she "studied".

Occasionally I was abandoned in town with my brother, who made me do all manner of things.... I remember him forcing me to beg in the street with him at around age 7, insisting that busking is a good thing and he was doing me a favour.
We were there for ages, I was exhausted , and anyway I was not in a good state because the last thing you need if you have Tuberculosis is to live in squalor with crazy people who beat you up & neglect you all the time.... I never was given antibiotics for TB or a decent test to see if it had ever gone, never got bed rest, wasn;t kept off school after Tuberculosis lymphadenitis surrgery, I was just treated like shit, and BOTH parents acted like I'm meant to be babying them.... like I'd given birth to the rest of the family, rather than in fact me being a very ill, very confused, very upset, very maltreated little girl, and the youngest in the family.

I think it's disgusting that child carers are so often treated as HEROES by society.... if we're such heroes, then why are we treated like shit by the vast majority of everyone else, huh ?

It's because we're fucking SLAVES....

My mother was too selfish and lazy to do anything other than cultivate whatever sort of life my brother and dad wanted, despite frothing out feminazi views at me constantly, much to my upset and dismay ! All through my teenage years, she spouted her crazy bigoted notions.... like that I apparently only don't hate men because I'm young and stupid, but when I grow up I'll see what men are REALLY like.... or "What ? Someone did somethng bad ? Are they a MAN ? Well, of COURSE they did something bad, if they're a MAN....." , my dad was equally as horrible, constantly slagging us both off for being "stupid females" and talking down to us - especially me. Seriously, people SAY this shit !

Of course, both my dad and brother are hugely racist..... the kind of people who just parp their retarded opinions over the top of whatever you try to say to the contrary ; like they're Superbrains educating me about proven fact, rather than merely spewing forth dubiously made-up opinions of their own devising.

My mother just ignored whatever i said, and told herself she was doing everything right.... basically, she had behaved completely schizophrenic for my entire life up until the start of this year.... and has been encouraging me to do the same, regarding myself as unimportant, trained to ignore how i feel and be doormattish more than I should, inept and never to be independent.

I constantly asked to see, and be involved with, the family finances. But even after I was an adult (I lived with them up until 17 when I left to stay with an abusive partner in town for a couple of years or so, because he was more survivable to live with than my family were, even though he too behaved like a giant toddler, and was also emotionally, intellectually, socially, monetarily, sexually and physically abusive. I needed a break from my parents, and at least I got one.)

My mother talked down to me all the time about finances, though... saying that my tiny little child mind would never be able to grasp the enormity of the figures of money involved. I'm not making this shit up. This how my family see me.

So, it looks as though she just let my dad buy whatever he likes and wanted to hide it, I guess.

I guess that you would want to hide something like that right enough, when the whole family constantly has told their Tuberculosis-ridden daughter that the family is too poor to afford anything nice at all, or even decent heating.... heaters which don't explode in showers of sparks, books, a bed, clothes which aren't obviously intended to make her look like a bag-lady.... Little luxuries like that, you know.

My mum is hugely improved.
She is now supportive.

I could slap little idiots like that one on the show..... I mean she's still so young, but they don't seem to improve much over age.

Last July, the place my mum was "caring for me" in became too disgustingly overrun with mice, so badly in a state of decay for so extremely long, and i had been so overworked by having to clear out a huge number of binbags full of filthy mouldy crap of hers (left over by the previous tenants, so she claimed no responsibility for it and just left it all there for months) , mouldy broken bed, sofa, etc.... huge .... such a lot of stuff... exhausting.... so I became pretty bloody ill.

My folks were meant to be at mouse central, while i rested at theirs for a bit to get a bit better. Their place is absolutely disgusting.... as bad as it was when i was younger.

Seriously, WHO has drink-mats that you can;t even use because they are so horribly filthy that they will make a dark ring on the bottom of your cup, which will mark whatever you put it onto afterwards ? ALL of the drink-mats.... ALL of them ! WHO !?

And my brother just harasses me, supporting my dad.... saying i should be pals with this dad character, and acting about as disgustingly filthy as my dad does.

Well, my dad decided after just ONE DAY at the mouse house, that it wasn't fit to live in, and was so horribly isolated that he would go crazy within the week.

He then lied to both my brother and me, saying he would come back to his place to "help and look after" me.

I complained, my brother harassed and disrespected me while mindlessly believing that my dad is fantastic.....

My dad barged in, my brother then turned up from south with some guy i had never met.
They made me tidy up my mum's hoarder mess in the living room all on my own. Even though I was being sick all the time and wasn't reliably well enough even to clean up that after me.

... because I was meant to be sleeping in there, and someone HAD to fucking do it. They just HAD to. You NEED to be able to be in a room without the sheer weight of the piles of junk EVERYwhere making you miserable. Even my brother and dad said they found her towering heaps of crap depressing, and both of THEM hoard JUNK..... like, genuinely trash.... not just piles of (for example) worthless old magazines , random locks, ten packs of window sealant, 5000 dayglow socks etc, like my mum does.

... but my dad and brother wanted to "look cool" for this guy i had never meant, and wanted life to be as convenient for them as possible.

So, while telling ME that they were doing me a favour (the cheek !) they kicked me out of my nicely tidied room.... to force me to go in my dad's utterly vile Psychopath-Lair... which was full of just as much stuff as the living room, but this time nasty..... so old and filthy, really bad.... so smelly, full of small things making cocoons and webs.... so rotten and vile..... everything so stagnant and stale in there, with his ugly old shabby scruffy dirty smelly clothes, that I genuinely think even most homeless people would not want to go about in.

So they kicked ME out into this pit of filth, to throw one of their stupid drug parties and play loud music. The nerve !

The brother and friend were only up for 2 days, to do a musical tour gig before heading back down again for further touring.

I made it very clear that my dad is insane, lacking any responsibility, sociopathic, dangerous, terrifyingly unhygenic (I was criticised for slagging off my dad, who apparently my brother considers to be the epitome of hygiene (O.o) ) ...

My brother told me to shut my face because I was just being negative, told me that my dad is lovely , moreover told me that I'm not even really ill, but am just making myself ill by inventing things to be upset about (!) >Sad He says this ALL the time, like he's some fucking medical professional and has proven me to have nothing wrong with me or something. What a prize douchebag (mutters various things to self under breath)

Then, while repeating himself again (and also criticising me for trying to look up Pneumonia on my own, since neither him or my dad were any use for anything much, telling me I'm only ill because I'm anxious, and researching that sort of thing just makes me more anxious so I shouldn't do it on my own, and similar dismissive crap utterings.)

My dad had double pleuritic pneumonia at the age of about 7, which could easily have been caused by Tuberculosis.... but nobody knows for sure, since nobody gives much of a toss except for me, and of course I don;t get to see that guy's medical notes. Since it's apparently none of my business.

Well for fuck's sake !
I've been coughing up phlegm for like, about a year.... I've had a nasty cold for about a year and a half.... I have all manner of weird stuff going on with my throat and lungs, I was even signed off with M.E 5 years ago (albeit after being given no income at all for a year while I was too ill to do the full-time labour in an office, which would be needed to continue claiming JobSeeker's allowance at that time, due to me being under 26 especially.
I had to bitterly appeal against the decision, and have been signed off since then since I really am ridiculously ill.

My dad's in a similarly bad state of health, and has been for the entire 27 years I've known him. He cultivates poor health, and is deliberately a walking biohazard. He revels in it perversely.
He's like that gross Uncle Olaf character, from the "A series of unfortunate events" books (the books not the film, as the film guy was really quite hygenic) , he behaves as though coughing up ten pints of phlegm is a healthy endeavour to be encouraged.

He is about the LAST person I would want to shack up with.
Oh, did i mention that he is one of those pishcetarians, who eat dead bodies, but who talk pish about being vegetarian anyway, because they want to look good in public, and (in his own words, and with a self-satisfied groan) "then you'll get better food"

My mum thought it would be convenient for her I guess, to just leave him there since SHE didn;t want him living with HER, at mouse-central. On the afternoon my dad house-barged, she just came in unexpectedly while we were in the living room, declared that we were obviously best friends so she hoped we has a good time together, then pissed off.

He'd actually been a complete arsehole for the entire time I was there, was likesay shockingly disgusting and unhygenic, grotesquely sexist and racist, and even had new horrible habits, like detailing perversely the joys of eating a dead body while clearly enjoying himself and also expressing how much he knows I dislike him going on about it, but going on to express his delight in doing so and just going right on ahead.

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PostSubject: The Rich, and The Poor - Part two of two   Fri 26 Jun 2009, 11:00 am

I COULD have MAYBE retreated to my mum's room OR the spare room but.... you guessed it.... they literally had no room in them.

Argh ! Hoarders !!!! When it reaches pathological critical state, they need to just STOP. Right now. No sodding kid gloves..... If you give them kid gloves, the'll most likely only go and hoard them anyway !

So, yeah.... I should have really taken a picture of the infamous spare room, when i had the chance....
It's like those crazy hoarder pictures you seen online, with the whole room just packed.

My mum's room just made me laugh, with it's tiny little scooped out area in all the mounds of junk, to fit in a little mattress.

By god.... now I know why the crazy woman had me in such poor condition over at mouse-central, she just apparently can't cope with anything just about, as soon as it gets behind any kind of closed door she goes completely froth-nosed insane.

I seriously can't fully comprehend how she purposely has been choosing to live.
Just because it seemed like the easiest option, and she has (for reasons she can not explain) chosen to treat everything I say like the most worthless heap of crap ever, and myself like a walking sack of shit with ultimate uselessness, constantly annoying just by existing, and deserving of nothing accordingly.... so chose to ignore me repeatedly pointing out ways to improve things, etc.... instead just droning on repeatedly about the same tedious things but never doing anything (like for example, going on about being pissed off by her own procractination, since she's so frigging lazy) ... Like I'm her shrink, or something.

Anyway, please feign amazement, that after just a week of living at my folks' house with my dad, I couldn't remain in a passive state and just tolerate him being emotionally and socially abusive....

Also, I had to go and get food with my mum even though i was delirious from fever, because my dad used lots of the food which was there, then was too selfish and lazy to even bother to go and get more (after pretending to my brother and I that he would do that, when he "moved back in")

When I DID get food, I got back late and was exhausted so just went to bed. When i got up, he was ALREADY stealing my stuff !
What a selfish bastard ! My brother and mum acted like they would about a 3 year old to begin with, saying somethign to the effect of 'well it was in the kitchen, and he never buys a single scrap of food for himself because he is so selfish, so i guess it was okay for him to steal your food.'

Well firstly, bear in mind i don't know this guy... never having seen him for years, how am I even meant to know in the first place, that he is such a shameless and notorious thief ?

Weren't my brother (4 years OLDER) and mum meant to be looking out for me, especially since they were the ones who seemed to be so keen on me getting together intimately with my dad again ?

Also, he has no basis for assuming that I am simply a cheap and convenient replacement for my mum. He's creepy, pervy in various inappropriate ways, and I reject any notion of direct comparison by him, between me and my mum, apparently simply based on us being from the same family, and me looking like she did at this age.

It's something like a 75-minute round-trip into town to get decent groceries bought, not even including the shopping part.
You can probably imagine that I needed food, right ?

They didn't have a fridge.
The reasons are too appallingly childish and jeuvenile to go into, but of course I ended up beng the one to suffer badly from it in the end.
Not least of all from not being used to having no fridge, and being encouraged to consume stuff which wasn't fit to eat/drink by my dad.
Which again, him and my brother considered to be him "helping me with food as I am so ill, and i should appreciate that I'm not the only one with feelings, and be appreciative"..... Which i was told about ten times (no kidding) by them both, over the top of me telling them both that I did *not* want my dad's "assistance" with food. Seriously disrespectful !

My dad spent the last 2 days I was there harassing me to bring my microwave and fridge from mouse-central, because he wanted to cook and store lots of dead fish, and skank it up with body fluids (Did i mention that his non-veganism really stinks ? The man seems to be incapable of closing any form of packaging, or disposing of anything which has gone rotten)

He told my mum that he wanted the stuff brought over "to help me as i was having a hard time without a cooker or fridge"

Oh yeah. the cooker..... it was a death trap.
It'd had a bad gas leak since the LAST time I was there, which was about 5 years before then.
I had complained but my mum (already had disowned the dad, so couldn't complain to him about it) but they just acted like i was being annoying on purpose, and over the top, and who the hell cares if they get slowly poisoned by gas anyway, a decrepit decades-old cooker is doing them just fine and they won't lift a finger on my behalf, etc..... just the usual white trash drivel.

It stank so much when i was there trying to stay, that I had to move the computer stuff right out of the kitchen door and try to use it in the hall with the front door wide and a healthy scottish gale blowing in Razz and you STILL got bothered by gas, even using it like that.

My mum would sit and use that thing for hours....
Who the hell even keeps their computer right next to the frigging cooker anyway, in the first place though, except for crazy people ?
(O.o) I mean, SERIOUSLY....

My mum just wobbled a bit when i mentioned the cooker the last time i was there, acting like it wasn;t a big deal.
I finally convinced her that it was a heap of crap, and should not be used. She didn;t bother convincing my dad. I did that.
Then the next day, got up to find him trying to sneakily use it to fry eggs....
When he had already been ASKED not to do that (the house is like, shoebox sized.... that's RANK, putting up with egg-fry reek when you're feeling nauseous.
Did i mention that their window in the room i got dumped in, it has a huge infestation of enormous fat flies thronging about in a large bush right outside it, so only a filthy tink would want to it ? Nice. I gather that nobody else even noticed the infestation of unusually large and fat flies, until I pointed it out to them. It's obvious as soon as you get out of the car in the driveway. Seriously.

He even had my set of two hot-plates, from mouse-central..... which my mum and I'd asked him to use instead of the leaking cooker. But apparently he felt diminished and emasculated or something when using those, and so inexplicably preferred to risk exploding the house unexpectedly.

Oh, the night before this he had also stumbled along the hall clumsily during the night, and broken the phone.
So, it was temporarily out of order. And my mobile phone was still at mouse central, since neither of us had been given a chance to get anything from there before being abandoned at the Parent-Hovel.

These people have some pretty warped priorities, to say the least !

I'm not making this shit up.
I wish I were.

My dad tried to beat me up when i said stuff like, that I'm a grown up not a 4 year old, that I'm a real person and deserve to be treated like one, that I want to use my fridge and microwave for me not for him to put animal products and dead fish in - and anyway what kind of vegetarian eats dead fish in the first place so it shouldn't be an issue - , saying it would be helpful if he EVER washed his hands, and I'd REALLY like him to NOT ever make me food. That includes not simply ignoring that, and giving me plates of unhygenic food anyway. I expressed my desire not to see him peeing whenever he takes a notion to do so - toilet doors are built for a purpose - and said how appalled I was with him for stealing my food.

Not the most belligerent of stuff.....
... and he hadn;t even seen his tidy room yet (O.O) jeepers !
Well, when he saw THAT, he nicked my laptop and held it randsom for £60..... since I'd had to leave it behind while fleeing to the local womens' refuge.

By then, I'd been assigned someone who turned out to be leader of the Young Farmers, and also one of the biggest bully ring-leaders in school (2 years older than me) .... She turned out to be a LOT like the idiotic and childish "rich girl" from the "Rich Girl, Poor Girl" programme.

I can assure everyone here, that not only are the two people in that programme completely valid as representatives of huge groups of the social populace, but that to me they don;t even seem very extreme. MY life experiences are far from middle-of-the-road, and I appreciate that it probably takes an unusually -mind to even believe me in the first place....

Most people have their nice lives, and can barely even comprehend a person having anything but the best start in life.

Razz I just found out yesterday (as I thought for a long time but my mum kept reckoning wasn't so) that parents are natural advocates for their children. Apparently, parents don't naturally feel inclined to take out their aggression on them, or generally feel inclined to ignore and neglect them - so that it takes a huge effort not to do it, and is quite unreasonable - as i had been led to believe for so long.

Well shit, no wonder I've had such a hard time of life so far, considering the notorious lack of empathy demonstrated by the NEDdian masses.

I think the Scottish term NED is better than the english term CHAV.
Chav seems to stand for various things colloquially :
(1) CHeltenham AVerage
(2) Council House Allocated Vermin
(3) Council Housed And Violent

But I think the term "Non-Educated Delinquent" covers the ground much more appropriately. People from the middle classes are every bit as chavvy as poor people here, and often more so.

Their endless preoccupation with social status based on belongings and white trash culture (all being the same, and oh so traditional ie chauvenistic etc) rather than any kind of global appreciation, personal development, or striving for constant improvement and constructive attainment, seems incredibly NEDdish to me, however much cash they have to splash.

As the infamous Credit Crunch is now proving, a lot of those guys didn't REALLY have SO much dosh to splosh, anyway....
As it turns out, they just pretended they did, a lot of them, so that they (and their kids) could act like a so-called Little Lord Fauntleroy around the likes of me and mine, like they own us or something.
Smile So now assorted 'animal agriculture' families are having to leave the isles to seek alternative work, since they aren't cutting it as farmers now Rule Change time has come.

Smile Aw, such a shame for them, eh ?
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PostSubject: Re: 'Rich Girl, Poor Girl' (C4 Now)   

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'Rich Girl, Poor Girl' (C4 Now)
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