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 Stylish Paint Stripping

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PostSubject: Stylish Paint Stripping   Fri 26 Jun 2009, 12:38 pm

This is my mother's best effort at wallpaper-stripping....

Very Happy Is she completely barking mad ?

For ages, she tried to claim that the kitchen was in that state because she was just about to finish it.
But I mentioned this to my brother, who was absolutely incredulous at this far-fetched claim !

Apparently, the kitchen had been in the above condition, completely untouched wallpaper-strippingwise, for about 5 years before I had even mentioned it !

.... This is the same person who one day just took a crazed notion to paint the family house in the most garish shade of Fuscia Pink available (for the doors) and Bright Aquamarine (for the walls in the hall) , then adamantly insisted that it's "nice" and " perfectly normal", totally dismissing anything which other family members might helpfully point out to the contrary.

I imagine her gazing across the room one day, with her eyes scanning past the Wallpaper-Stripping apparatus....then returning fixedly.
A mad look coming over her eyes, I envision the woman grabbing the Stripper and scraping frenzied arcs across the wall in a violent outburst of passion, thrashing back and forth in an artistic blaze of creation before finally stepping back to admire her hard work.... only to realise that approaching the stripping of wallpaper in the style of a mad chimp, is surely likely to produce at best sub-optimal results. Faced with failure, she instead reclassifies the situation as an art exhibit and proudly displays it for all visitors, as a long-term 5-year exhibition.

geek The whole thing just leaves me dumbfounded.
My mum moved out of that place about 9 months ago, so now my (estranged, twice-disowned, NED, bratty) dad lives in their house, on his own. He too, is FAR too lazy to ever do any REAL paint-stripping, so he's just been going about pretending like everything is perfectly normal in there, and seemingly intends to just keep the stylish "art installation" forever.

lol! Bizarre !
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PostSubject: Re: Stylish Paint Stripping   Sat 27 Jun 2009, 6:36 pm

lol. Laughing
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Stylish Paint Stripping
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