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 Is Russel Brand the new poster child for veg*nism !?

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PostSubject: Is Russel Brand the new poster child for veg*nism !?   Fri 03 Jul 2009, 6:53 am

Smile First, I shall provide a brief intro of this zany english "comedian", for those who up until now have been joyously oblivious to this guy's presence on earth, as a supposed member of our species who tries to funny.
Wink Emphatically, tries to be funny.

"Peta On Russell Brand (intro article about this wacky chap) -

PeTA think that Russel Brand is The Sexpot of The Century !

Russell Brand has twice been named PETA's Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity, claiming the prize in both 2006 and 2007 !
To be fair to them though, he looked a LOT less like he had freshly escaped from some Lunatic Asylum, and barely just wrestled himself out of his assigned straight-jacket, back then.

"Hi, I'm Russel Brand, me. These are me 2 birds. Oi, we're gonna have a threesome. Wif some lettuce 'stead of cream an' chocolate and that, cos' they're vegan, like. I'm finking that wif them eatin' nothing but twigs and sticks and lettuce and that, they might be more likely to want to eat my cock instead. Phwoar, yeah we can all do something after we're done with this photoshoot. With my cock. Are we done yet ?" Oooooh.... tits ! I hafta stare straight ahead 'til we're done like, but mebby if I reach down wif me left hand.....

"Russel Brand TV" fansite -

"Russel Brand Love" fansite -

... I gather that Russel Brand also has a book out, called "My Booky Wooky" ...

Wink I'm... like, SO thrilled.

Really though, now....
So many people who're prominent figures in the vegan movement are into this sort of tosh as a form of "entertainment" .... is this really the kind of poster child the movement needs ?!

I mean, obviously I think not..... but I'm far from conformist, so what do I know eh ?
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Is Russel Brand the new poster child for veg*nism !?
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