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 'Why don't you just shut up already?'

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PostSubject: 'Why don't you just shut up already?'   Sun 10 May 2009, 11:47 am

A little while ago, I discovered a blog which has been written by a guy who I feel has an above-average quantity of depthy and interesting things to say about reality, life, The System, the world, and things.

Apparently (and sadly, predictably) it seems that not everybody feels respectful of his approach.

He's considered their input, and the overall situation, in his blog-post below.


John, why don't you just shut up already?

Source :
Written on the 14th of November, 2007

I was recently remonstrated by a friend for my immature contrarian philosophy. Why, at my advanced age am I still indulging in this juvenile and pointless rebellion against mature common sense.

The unstated message was clear; that I should stop tilting at windmills and buckle down like a responsible adult. This rebellious idealistic bleating of mine is pointless, and marks the teenager who hasn't yet learned to accept reality.

This criticism honestly gave me pause. Am I simply reciting empty but inflammatory rhetoric to boost my own ego?

Is my writing not just a vain effort, but entirely an exercise in vanity?

There are an unlimited number of sensible, sane, reasonable, and logical arguments against my position. It is true I will likely have little or no impact. That the problems I complain against will go unaddressed, and my efforts will prove futile. It is also true that in the unlikely event that I am successful to the small extent of attaining a modest readership, I will earn the enmity of influential people and institutions with the power to curtail my freedom and my financial prospects. That last thought alone gives me an infusion of my motivating annoyance.

Each of the innumerable, reasonable and logical arguments against my contrary attitude is at base an argument for apathy.

"There's nothing I can do, so it would be pointless and wasteful to try"

This is the most morally empty position it is possible for a human to take. The embrace of the idea of futility is a seductive rationalization which excuses self-responsibility.

Putting aside the amorality of the do-nothing argument, it is false.

Every major societal, social, technological and change of outlook in human history has been the result of the actions of the single individual. A collective does not create change. A collective, a culture, a social demographic, or a society acts with a collective will to preserve and enforce the existing state of affairs.

Change has always, and will always come from the single individual.

Do I arrogate myself as some kind of heroic figure, the lonely agent of change?
Possibly not, but wouldn't it be a tragedy to not try?
Daddy, what did you during the American rise of fascism?
I know what my answer will be.

The second argument against my position as an agitator against convention is that of inviting the ire of the powerful. In the 1980's while the cold war was running at full speed, people, including myself used to joke about earning a position on "the government's watch-list"

In 2007, this is no longer a joke.

Richard Murphy, a constitutional scholar and critic of the Bush Administration is singled out for special, extra-invasive search every time he flies.

Steps to expect after this kind of harassment are suspension of credit rating, disbarment from employment, and regional travel restriction or area-arrest within areas of one's city of residence.

People traveling in US airports standing in security lines are now routinely told by Gestapo-channeling TSA agents to "FREEZE!" and required to stand perfectly still for 20 to 30 minutes. This tactic was invented in Italy by a fellow named Benito, and adopted on a national scale by another well-known figure in 1934, during his country's "period of crisis"; this man calling himself Adolf.

What I tilt against are not windmills, the direction of slide is toward a totalitarian corporate communist super-state for the entirity of North America.

If I am not already "flagged" or listed on somebody's secret "watch list", I probably will be soon. So shouldn't I shut up and keep my head down?
Authoritarian Fascism thrives by the inaction of the individual.

When the voice of the contrarian is silenced, either by fear or by force, whoever remains is either a prisoner, or a jailer.

Which are you?
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PostSubject: Re: 'Why don't you just shut up already?'   Wed 27 May 2009, 1:30 pm

Everyday people really are afraid to say what they really think about so many issues. They fear what will happen to them if they speak up.

I recall driving past some anti-war demonstrators in my town. They had a sign, "Honk if you support ...(us, etc)." My wife, who was against the Iraq War (Shhhh) told me, "Don't honk!" with fear in her voice. She was afraid for me to do even that. Considering where she worked she was careful to never say her actual opinion on the whole war except to me.

And she basically has nothing to do with politics. She considers it ultimately hopeless and boring and thus doesn't worry about it. But still she's knows very well to keep her mouth shut.

BTW, this guy hasn't updated his blog in over a year.
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PostSubject: Re: 'Why don't you just shut up already?'   Sat 30 May 2009, 12:27 pm

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PostSubject: Re: 'Why don't you just shut up already?'   

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'Why don't you just shut up already?'
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