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 OMG N1GEL.... Ur So F'N V4IN ! :D

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PostSubject: OMG N1GEL.... Ur So F'N V4IN ! :D   Wed 15 Jul 2009, 11:06 am

Ur So V4IN
(documentary, 25 minutes long)

Blurb No. 1 -

First-time director Ellena Wood delivers an affectionate kick to the tyres of the personalised number plate phenomenon and discovers, along the way, men who are prepared to pay surprising amounts of money to advertise to the world that they're called N1GEL or even N2GEL.

N1GEL explains that because he doesn't look like he's a millionaire, the plate helps him hammer this home. The fact that it's attached to a yellow Lamborghini which lives underneath its own hydraulically-lifted off-road parking space might also be a sizeable clue.

Source (The Mirror) :


Blurb No. 2 ~

This quirky documentary explores the world of the personalised car number plates and some of the people who spend thousands to own the right combination of numbers and letters; among them several people with the name Nigel, who crave the same ultimate number plate - N1GEL.
UR S0 V4IN is the latest in the new run of the acclaimed First Cut strand of half-hour documentaries, which features the brightest new directing talent around. Directed by Ellena Wood, the film reveals that for each of these Nigels, number plates are more than a strip of acrylic. They're a prized possession, a spark of individuality in a world of faceless conformity and, more importantly, a mark of status.
But this is a world of fierce competition and with just one N1GEL plate available, what happens when you drive the second best N2GEL ?

Source :


Review -

Source (On The Box ) -

"What’s the most extravagant purchase you’ve ever made?

We all have stuff that we’ve bought that we don’t need; little guilty pleasures and treats that keep us sane.

But I bet you’ve never shelled out 80 grand for a piece of yellow metal unless you’re rap star or a bling-encrusted footballer.

The UK apparently spends £84 million a year on personalised number plates, which makes you wonder where these people are; most people I know baulk at the idea of paying £3.50 for a sandwich.

And anyway, how much do you really pay attention to number plates? Other than the occasional chuckle when you spot a quirky combination, my guess is probably not a lot. But for a small subculture of people, five black letters on a yellow background would make all the difference to their lives.

One such person is Nigel, a neurotic accountant who nervously laughs every time the camera’s on him. He owns the number plate N2GEL – one short of his ideal of N1GEL, and the programme centres on his quest to meet the owner of his coveted prize.

Nigel’s insecurities are laid plainly on display – “I haven’t made a name for myself professionally so I’ve made a name for myself this way. Sad I know”. I would start laying into him at this point – this is a man who’s seriously considered paying 80 grand for a piece of yellow and black printed metal – but his self-deprecation is actually quite touching.

The owner of N1GEL is a Lamborghini driving millionaire, who takes every opportunity to shove his success in old Nige’s face. It’s like watching an automotive dick measuring contest.

There’s a little bit of titillation to be had with another Nigel who isn’t so much obsessed with his name on a plate but what rude combinations he can make up with the letters. He refuses to reveal what number plate he has until the end of the episode and when it comes it’s predictably anti-climactic. It’s depressingly puerile, akin to spelling rude words upside down on a calculator and affords nothing but a bit of Beavis and Butthead-style chuckling.

It’s a baffling glimpse of the image-obsessed sub-culture that some people inhabit, where it’s considered normal and not utterly insane to repaint your car to match the colour of your barbecue. Not exactly Panorama, but worth a quick look if you’ve got nothing better to do.

And if you are one of those people that are obsessed with number plates, go and find out how much this would cost you: B3LL3ND."
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PostSubject: (O.o) it makes me feel so.... cool....   Fri 17 Jul 2009, 2:16 pm

I just can't quite decide who's the most utterly pitiful, and combined bemusing and dismaying, overall...

N1GEL (for his sheer rat-ace fuelled hell-for-leather hardcore consumer approach on life)
Or the stunningly sad N2GEL.... who despite seeming fairly pelasant and all, pretty much speaks for himself in the pitiful stakes.

The hydraulic lift thing is just from another planet, and seriously.... who in hell (except for flipping N1GEL Very Happy haha) DYES THEIR CAR a slightly darker shade of sexy shiny wine red, to optimally match the shade of their new BARBECUE.....

lol! Some people can be funny ones, eh !

I feel at least 100% Cooler already, just by NOT being them !
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OMG N1GEL.... Ur So F'N V4IN ! :D
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