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 SOLD : Will child slaves ever be free ?

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PostSubject: SOLD : Will child slaves ever be free ?   Sat 18 Jul 2009, 2:28 pm

Today, I read this book the whole way through.

SOLD : Will she ever be free ?

Here are two places , which both have good information about "SOLD" -

(1) Amazon UK -

(2) Book Browse : your guide to exceptional books -

I found this to be a really hard-hitting story, but it's an important book, and one worth 'digesting'.

The characters are all credible, well-rounded and convincingly developed.
I can understand where all of them - to varying extents - are coming from... their motivations in life, etc.

One of the things which this story reminds me of most, is the (IMHO incredibly tragic) way in which so many countless geisha - particularly young Geisha - lived, in times gone by when geisha life existed within a nearly entire all-female mini-society within the so-called (geisha - ) 'teahouses' of various districts of Japan.

"Geisha of Gion" was another particularly heartbreaking story to read, I thought.
It's so much more sad, because of being so real.

Amazon UK link -

Geisha: The Secret History of a Vanishing World

Amazon UK link -

And "Autobiography of a Geisha"

Amazon UK link -

Geisha in Japan have long since become something , in great part, of legend.
Very different from their original 'geisha ancestors', a modern Geisha might well live a comfortable modern life, alone in an apartment... and they're very much less popular (and common) than they were, for example, around the 1960s.

Unlike the geisha mini-societies, the children growing up (or sold into) the slave industry of India are still there today.
I'm glad that Amnesty International have projects to help the situation (they comment at the end of the book) , and I wish them great strength in their endeavours !
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SOLD : Will child slaves ever be free ?
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