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 Interesting BBC Focus Magazine Online surveys

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PostSubject: Interesting BBC Focus Magazine Online surveys   Tue 28 Jul 2009, 10:16 am

Interesting BBC Focus Magazine Online surveys

I was just checking out the FOCUS magazine website, when I noticed that they have a whole load of interesting surveys, on all sorts of subjects.

One thing which has struck me, is how different peoples' responses have been to this survey, than they ever were in similar surveys which I saw online about 5 or 6 years ago.

Whether these results emerge from the likelihood of FOCUS magazine's classy clientelle having more intelligent and well-considered answers than the mainstream masses, I wouldn't know.

But, whatever the reason, the heartening responses from four of their surveys are -

(1) Will you change your fish-eating habits to save the world's threatened stocks?

More people say Aye, than Nay.
Even considering that most relentlessly fish-devouring people would most likely be too dishonest to admit their selfishness and vote NO after reading the blurb, that looks like a pretty good result.

(2) Should animal testing for medical purposes be banned?

... only 1/3 of people who replied are still clinging to the hairy old "kill them all to benefit me" approach.
With surveys like this, there used to be overall a strong majority in favour of that.

(3) How should drugs be tested?
Wink People really aren't impressed with animal testing, following that little incident, eh ?

Of course, you'll always find that responses to surveys tend to reflect peoples' positive image of themselves more than reality, even with a voluntary online survey.... and some people never fill in any surveys at all - whatever they think about things, but the results are there, all the same.

That said, I found this survey to be .... disturbing....

(4) Should scientists be allowed to create hybrid embryos?

550 people say YES, 220 people say NO
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Interesting BBC Focus Magazine Online surveys
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