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 The Mooncup

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PostSubject: The Mooncup   Sun 10 May 2009, 12:05 pm


Review written on the 10th of May, 2008

I have found that many women are unsure of their menstrual-product options, or feel restricted to what is available locally (which is typically little better than fanny-pads and tampons) .... for vegans this can be particularly unfortunate, and I've seen quite a few women seeking better alternatives to what they are using for mentruation disposal purpsoes.

The product which I would very much recommend, is the Mooncup. The website can be seen here -

The Mooncup was recommended to me by a lovely vegan friend of mine quite a while ago, and have been using for many months now.

To start off this review, I'll let Mooncup Ltd. give a brief overview of what's involved there from a vegan perspective -

The company described their product very well, when i wrote to them enquiring after more information about it yesterday.

Here's their description :

"The Mooncup is manufactured from medical grade silicone, derived form silica which is found in sandstone and quartz. Silica is one of the most widely occouring minerals on the planet.

The manufacture of the Mooncup does not involve the use of animal products in the finished product nor in the manufactruing process, nor is it tested on animals.
We are approved by the Vegetarian Society and Vegan Society in the UK - you can see their approval stamps on the following pages of our website: "

The Mooncup also managed to get the 'Best Buy' award for all sanitary protection, by Ethical Consumer magazine.

And, the Mooncup also got top marks in the Good Shopping guide.

Also, in 2004 it was awarded Best Vegan Environmentally-friendly product by readers of the Vegan society magazine.

Very Happy It comes in two sizes (small or large) and it's a bit large for me (even though i ordered the little one....) but I'm on the small side (^-^);

Even so, I found that really isn't a big problem compared to all of the positive points.... it's fine once it's in.... there wasn't a leakage problem, it does indeed need seen to a lot less often than tampons often would, and seems less likely to cause irritation than cotton.... it's not a huge hassle to clean (although those with Mooncups would probably want to get a little saucepan for sterilising it in once a month) I must have saved my money's worth by now since tampons are so expensive nowadays, and there's no solid waste when you're using a Mooncup... so it really is a good product.

Smile At just under £19 (including delivery)and delivery globally, this is a very fine product on offer, with good coverage for delivery... and also such a bargain after a little while has passed, and in addition to saving money, you also save the inconvenience (and annoyance !) of having to keep stocking up on tampons, too.

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The Mooncup
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